Rebecca Turle

My name is Rebecca Turle and I am a registered Disability & Family Support Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association.

I am passionate about promoting inclusivity for all, supporting families and carers with their roles and helping those living with disability achieve their goals and increase their capacity for meaningful community participation.

Counselling Services and Support

  • Therapeutic intervention and capacity building for individuals living with disability
  • Anxiety and trauma treatment and management
  • Family and carer support 
  • Relationship building and social skills development
  • Managing transitions and adapting to changes

Flexible Delivery Options

  • Face to face (mobile within 30km Adelaide Central)
  • Tele-counselling (zoom & phone calls – Australia wide)
  • Text & email-based therapy.

NDIS participants Welcome

Self-managed and plan-managed only. (NDIS managed participants are welcome to contact me through I Can Jump Puddles on 8355 7465).

Capacity Building:

  • Counselling – Facilitating self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources on a one to one basis. Assist participants to work towards their personal goals and gain greater insight into their lives
  • Improved Daily Living – Aimed at adjustment, adaption and building capacity for community participation
  • Increased Social and Community Participation – Participation in skills-based learning to develop independence in accessing the community
  • Improved Relationships – Specialist behavioural intervention support intending to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern

Let’s work together to achieve your goals!

I am here to support you and listen