The Arts

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An arts based activity could be something carers might like to try to help them relax. You could try many simple and accessible mediums such as photography, acrylic and watercolour painting and colouring.

Photography does not have to involve expensive equipment. You can use your phone or any point and shoot type of camera. It is a good excuse to get outside walking in the fresh air and visiting new places. You can join online photographic communities such as Flickr and Instagram or simply share with friends on Facebook. You can also join one of many SAPF Camera Clubs throughout South Australia if you wanted to meet new people and be involved in club outings.

Painting can be an activity that is done at home and cheaply if you buy supplies from discount supermarkets. Watercolour painting is not colour intensive, a small group of watercolour paints will last a long time.

You can look for inspiration and guidance for watercolour paintings on You Tube. This is an artist I like, Ekaterina Smirnova, the key for searching is using the terms ‘beginner’, ‘step by step’ or ‘easy’:

This artist, Jay Lee, creates a combination of watercolour and acrylic paintings using simple materials such as cotton buds:

theartsherpa is another You Tube artist who has beginner art classes, mainly in acrylic. Feel free to explore these videos and others for more art inspiration:

If online tutorials are not for you, there are many creative arts classes in Adelaide to attend. WEA has many different art classes throughout the year that you can enrol in. Also if you are after something different, Studio Vino has lots of acrylic painting sessions based on a theme ~ all while drinking wine. Certainly makes for a fun night!

Colouring is another relaxing activity that can be utilised. There are many colouring books that can be purchased for adults or even printed for free from the internet, using websites such as Just Color.

There is also a free and relaxing app called Happy Colour which is a colour by numbers app. You simply colour in the picture with the numbers highlighted. This is a great exercise in mindfulness and a great stress reliever.