Parental burnout can leave us exhausted and on edge, both mentally and physically. During periods of burnout, it may seem that everyone around you is managing better than you, having more fun that you, enjoying another holiday or another milestone while you are drowning in feelings of dissatisfaction and anxiety. What can we do when our energy evaporates faster than we can replenish it and we feel tapped out on every level?

Here are some articles and suggestions about managing parental burnout :

‘Self-care’ is not enough to fix how much moms are burnt out

  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • Refuse to buy into the notion that you have to be a perfect parent or partner
  • Be authentic
  • Be honest
  • Say no
  • Ask for help
  • State what you need without apology
  • Allow others to do the same

To the mom on the brink of burnout

  • When you feel that burned out feeling, that is an alarm bell telling you to put your needs first
  • Try to get a rest – start believing in taking a break
  • Ask for specific help
  • Get your groceries online and delivered to your door
  • Get paid help – respite, cleaners, gardeners
  • You are worthy of spending money on – buy that piece of clothing, do something fun
  • Make time to move your body and prioritise your physical health
  • Recognise how much you do each day and congratulate yourself on the hundreds of tasks you do each day

Burnout is real, says the World Health Organization (and mothers everywhere)

  • Talk honestly about the stress you are facing
  • Ask for flexible working arrangements (can’t hurt to ask, right?)
  • Take a mental health day / sick day
  • See a doctor / counsellor to help manage your stress