Sensory Seekers

Here are some suggestions for useful home equipment for sensory seekers and those needing extra support. Sensory equipment are especially designed to engage a child’s attention both cognitively and physically by stimulating one or more of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Proprioceptive support equipment – by receiving strong proprioceptive input, the brain has an enhanced opportunity to learn where its body is in space:

Mini-Trampoline / Rebounder
Balance Ball
Lycra Body Sock / Tunnel

Vestibular support equipment – provides a foundation for the development of all other sensory systems such as touch, vision, sound and proprioception:

Swing Set / Yoga Swing

Scooter Board

Fidget toys – used to provide sensory input in a less distracting way:

Fidget Ball
Fidget Cube
Wikki Stix